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So you can see your kitchen is ageing and in need of redoing to bring it up like it was new again. The paint may be flaking or has gotten to the point of fading that it looks like it was from the sixties. Well you donít need to go out and get a brand new kitchen with flash fittings costing you an absolute fortune. Although that would be nice itís extremely expensive so the cheaper option is to just redo what you have. So youíll need to know how to paint kitchen cabinets. Surprisingly a new coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in the world. Itís probably best to go for a colour thatís bright and full of life to give it a more modern look, getting rid of those dull old colours and to make your kitchen a nicer place to walk into. First youíll want to remove whatever it is youíre going to paint, which may mean pulling the cabinet off the wall or wherever it is to make it easier to prepare and paint. If itís fairly easy to access though for painting then all youíll need to do is remove the doors or drawers from the kitchen cabinets, along with the hinges, as this makes everything much easier to paint. Make sure you know how it all goes back together though so you donít spend hours trying to put back the puzzle you pulled apart. Youíll then want to wipe everything down to make it clean before you go ahead and get out the sand paper. Youíll want to fill in any holes as well before sanding to get a better finish and do a complete job. One thing you can use is some putty to fill the holes. Visit your local hardware store to find the most suitable putty for the job. Once thatís done grab some harsh sand paper to sand down all parts of your kitchen cabinets to get rid of most of the old paint. Then use a second piece of sand paper with a much less harsh grit to smooth everything off ready for painting. Now for the initial coat of paint work being the primer. Get some primer and apply it well over all surfaces excluding the insides of any drawers as these wonít be getting painted. Applying primer is just like using regular paint and will go on the surface the same. When applying and coats of paint make sure you work from the inside out. So paint the entire interior of the kitchen cabinets before moving on to the outside surfaces. Once youíve painted everything with the primer itís time to go ahead and put your final coat of paint on, being the colour that youíve chosen. Apply it liberally all over and let everything sit overnight to dry. Once youíre sure everything has been painted and is fully dry you can go about putting everything back the way it was. And thatís pretty much it, now youíll be left with hopefully a much brighter and more modern kitchen with a fresh feel to it.

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