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So youíre either sick of looking at your old kitchen floor or youíre planning to renovate your entire kitchen. Well thatís quite the task renovating an entire kitchen, but not all that hard to do if you are following the right tips. One of the bigger jobs when renovating a kitchen is doing a fresh tiling job on the kitchen. So youíll need to know how to tile a kitchen. Tiles come in every color you can think of and in several different shapes and an unlimited amount of sizes. I take it you want your kitchen to have a unique feel to it. You can do this by picking the right colors and in doing so keeping the colors and patters consistent throughout different sections of the kitchen. Thereís a few different type of tiles you can choose from, two of the most common being porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are usually the more expensive option. If you really want to make your kitchen unique and have the time you can go about thinking up patterns and designs of how you can put the tiles together to really make your kitchen stand out. To begin with youíll need to choose which adhesive youíre going to use to stick your tiles to the floor. There are thinset adhesives which come in a powder form and are commonly seen as harder to work with because they need to be mixed with another substance and must be the right consistency to work properly. Then there are organic mastics which are the most commonly used adhesives for people that tile their kitchens themselves. These come pre-mixed and are ready to go making them less time consuming than the thinset adhesives. Ok now prepare enough adhesive for about a 30 minute period of tiling. Donít prepare more than that because it can dry out quickly. Make sure you set all your full tiles first and leave your cut and smaller tiles for the perimeter of the job until last. Now make sure you have any layout lines marked out and ready to go before you start laying down the adhesive. Start spreading the adhesive on the floor one section at a time using the straight edge of a notched trowel. Then, using the notched edges of the trowel, spread out the adhesive which will give it a ridged pattern. Then you can begin laying down your tiles. Place the first one in a corner and work your way out from there aligning each tile with your layout lines. You want to keep the spacing between the tiles consistent throughout your work to keep straight grout lines. Itís good to use plastic spacers between your tiles to make sure you get the perfect spacing youíre looking for. After all your tiles are in place you need to set them in the adhesive by hitting them gently with a rubber mallet to get them all at the same height. Once done remove all the plastic spacers and wipe off any left over mortar on the tiles with a sponge. You can also use a pencil to clean up any mortar that has squeezed up between the tiles. After completing the tiling of all your full tiles you can go ahead and cut up the tiles needed for your perimeter and set them in adhesive. Thatís really all there is to tiling a kitchen. Once you start and put down your first couple of tiles youíll get the hang of it really quick and youíll have your entire kitchen tiled in no time.

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