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If youíre considering the options and what to do with your boring, rundown kitchen thatís been due for a makeover for years Iím sure youíve considered shelling out big bucks to completely remake the entire kitchen. But you need to ask yourself is it really worth the money, and do you really want to throw that much money at it? There are alternatives. One great alternative is much cheaper, easier, and less time consuming. Although you might not be left with a brand spanking new kitchen, your kitchen should come out looking and feeling many years newer and much brighter hopefully. Iím going to tell you how to reface kitchen cabinets. This will leave you with a bunch of money in your pocket instead of somebody else's. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a home renovation project that can be done by yourself with much less cost, time, and effort than going out and sourcing a professional to do it for you. Instead of dismantling and removing everything that makes up your kitchen cabinets, a much easier way to modernize them is to simply replace the doors. A fresh look for your kitchen can be achieved through the changing of colors, a different style or a different finish. The easiest way to do achieve this is with kitchen cabinet refacing. By simply replacing the kitchen cabinet doors you can instantly give your kitchen the new look youíre after. There are a few options to consider when looking to change the front surfaces of the doors and drawers and they depend how much time youíre looking to spend refacing your kitchen cabinets and also you much money youíre willing to spend. There are many options but weíve decided to inform you of the most common ones. There is what you call rigid thermal foil kitchen cabinet doors. This is by far the cheapest and most likely the quickest method of kitchen cabinet refacing. All you do is paint the cabinet fronts to match the white plastic doors, thatís it, itís that simple. To get further meanings and help on exactly what everything is itís best to ask someone at the shop youíre planning to buy the materials from. Thereís then option number two which is medium density fiberboard kitchen cabinet doors. These can be quite a bit cheaper than solid wood and they can also come painted or not painted depending on what you choose. Some shops will also sell ones with glass inserts. Then thereís the final most expensive option, solid wood kitchen cabinet doors. Although this is the most expensive option to use itís still less expensive than replacing the entire cabinets themselves. Most places offer matching veneer which can be applied to the front or outside surface of your cabinets depending on what you tell the store youíre looking for. There are quite a few other options you can use on solid wood kitchen cabinet doors with a stain finish being one of them. Once youíve purchased the new doors to reface your kitchen cabinets itís as simple as taking off the old doors and screwing or bolting in the new ones. Thatís all there is to it and youíre left with a hopefully much more modern look and feel to your kitchen than you had previously.

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